How Does Bridal Jewellery Fit Different Wedding Themes?

Whether you’ve specifically selected a wedding theme or not, most weddings naturally fall into one wedding style or another. Typically, weddings reflect the tastes of the lovebirds, with everything curated to fall cohesively into place.

How does bridal jewellery fit into your preferred wedding theme? We’ve got the lowdown, to help your big day go exactly as you envisioned it.



Image depicts a gold wedding ring with double row of diamonds overlayed over a church wedding setting.


The reason traditional weddings have stayed in vogue for centuries is because of their timeless appeal. The classic white dress in a church setting may not be for everyone, but for many, these weddings are a rite of passage.

When it comes to traditional wedding jewellery, it’s all about yellow gold and diamond wedding bands, like this gold diamond ring.




Modern weddings suit people who don’t mind not having a conventional celebration. Often, they opt for a modern, non-religious ceremony, a casual affair or even a destination wedding.

Bridal jewellery at ultra-modern weddings is often stylish and on-trend. If you’re not the traditional type, there’s a risk playing to the latest trends could work against you. However, if you opt for something simple and stunning like this white gold diamond ring, you really can’t go wrong.



A ring appearing silver features three flowers in pink, silver and gold. Overlayed over a bride sitting in a field with a flower arrangement.


In recent years, boho chic weddings have been all the rage. Whimsical by design, these weddings tend to be creative, free-spirited and involve a lot of DIY. Sometimes, boho weddings are even rather rustic – think flowers and foliage, bringing the happy couple and their loved ones closer to nature.

For boho bridal jewellery ideas, perhaps this floral ring will leave you feeling inspired?



If your day-to-day style is a little quirky, your bridal style needn’t be any different. Your wedding is about you and your partner and what makes the two of you unique and special.

Love all things gothic? there are some beautifully sophisticated designs you can opt for in terms of necklaces, or even elegant black pieces like this bracelet. If punk or being a rock chick is your vibe, try layering pieces, nice and thick. You can have an ‘edge’ and still be classy!



If you appreciate a good throwback to bygone eras, a vintage wedding may well be for you. In a nod to the roaring twenties, for example, you could go full Great Gatsby style for a touch of glamour.

As for vintage wedding jewellery, nothing can beat something passed down through the generations. So, we’ll leave that to you!


 Image depicts rose gold diamond earrings in infinity symbol shape. Overlayed over a pink and gold elegant background.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – all weddings are romantic, right? Some people really go all out with their symbols of love, with rich reds, pretty pinks and lots of hearts providing the energy for the day.

Romantic wedding jewellery comes in many shapes and sizes, often dainty and delicate. We absolutely love these rose gold diamond infinity stud earrings. They’re perfect for a love that will last forever!


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