What the August Birthstone, Peridot, Says About You

What does your birthstone reveal about your personality? If your birthday is in August, your birthstone is peridot (although spinel can be worn as well). Whether you’re interested in learning a little more about your birthstone jewellery, or you’re convinced that peridot really has special powers, here’s more information about this beautiful, healing crystal.


What are the properties of the peridot stone?


This beautiful stone comes in a variety of mesmerising shades, from olive to bright green. To the untrained eye, it is often mistaken for other green gems, such as the ever-popular emerald.

Peridot used for gemstones is super rare because it weathers easily. This is because it’s one of only two gems to be formed in the molten rock of the upper mantle of the Earth. Most are formed in the crust, meaning that peridot has further to travel to us – and few stones complete the journey.



What does the peridot birthstone represent?


This stunning gemstone is thought to symbolise both happiness and hope. It is said to keep negativity at bay and help people to realise their destiny. Different civilisations have each had their own beliefs about the power of peridot.

In the Middle Ages, people used it to keep evil as well as enchantments at bay. Earlier civilisations admired it for its so-called ability to ward away nightmares. As for the Ancient Egyptians, they thought that peridot was made of pieces of stars that had exploded, carrying the power to heal. To this day, people in Egypt call it the ‘gem of the sun’.

So, where does peridot power come from? Some think that it harnesses energy from planet Mercury. Others simply believe it has its own radiance. In modern times, peridot is the primary August birthstone, as well as the official 16th wedding anniversary gem.


What’s your birthstone personality?


If you wear your August birthstone, you’re probably the sort of person who’s energetic and enthusiastic. You may even be a bit of a risk taker. There’s a strong chance that the reason for this is because of peridot’s ability to scare away fears and give that added confidence.

Wearers are also rumoured to be creative in their approach to life, adding fresh perspective to the way they tackle issues. It’s this kind of intelligence and out-of-the-box thinking that means that fans of this precious peridot gemstone are usually admired.


How did peridot get its name?


The origins of the word ‘peridot’ are not 100% clear. However, it is thought that its roots come from Greece. In Greek, the word ‘peridona’ means ‘giving plenty’.

Since people who wear peridot are thought to radiate lots of good vibes, you can see the resemblance between the two words.



Where does peridot occur in nature?


Most peridot worn today comes from the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona, USA. It can be found throughout the USA, as well as in countries like Brazil, China, Pakistan and even right here in Australia. In fact, it can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

Peridot often has different properties depending on where it was located. Natural minerals formed within, known as inclusions, can slightly alter appearance.


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