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The Australian Jewellery Warehouse is the fresh face of the Australian jewellery market, commencing operation during the worst economic crisis in Australian retail history, the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, this major disruption to many retailers has left several shop owners now unable to keep their doors open and trade. The Australian Jewellery Warehouse is an Australian-owned business created specifically to buy quality jewellery stock at wholesale or liquidated prices and make it available to the general public. Our small but dedicated Sydney-based team work tirelessly to bring you unbeatable value that complies with our strict quality standards. Every piece we sell is manually inspected by our skilled staff.  

We offer a wide range of attractive and affordable jewellery items from around the world, providing you with quality items at an exceptional price. Our vast selection ensures that you will find an item suited to you, no matter your style or budget. Just like your personal jeweller, we understand you want great quality jewellery without paying the earth for it. You also want a reliable and trustworthy provider who understands the local market. The Australian Jewellery Warehouse is all this and more.


 Why Choose Australian Jewellery Warehouse?

 A quick look at the internet will tell you what we already know. Most businesses presenting themselves as wholesale jewellery outlets are actually just retail stores that are trying to attract customers with the promise of discount jewellery. 

Whilst we provide quality merchandise to all our customers, our common price points are deliberately low. You will not be buying $20,000 diamond rings from us! Instead, we encourage purchases of quality, affordable jewellery where you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Because we’re local, we ship immediately, so you could be wearing your new purchase in days.

 Need to get an affordable gift and do not have the time to browse endless showcases in random stores? Browse quickly online at our website, select, click, pay and your gift is on its way. The Australian consumer has been crying out for a genuine jewellery wholesaler. Well, now they have one!


 Our Vision

 Our goal is to make quality jewellery in Australia available to the general public at brilliant prices. It is our view that you will struggle to find the same products we offer for less. Our plan is to continue to grow online with a range of affordable and desirable merchandise. By not having any stores and by keeping our overheads low, we can pass on the savings to you. Whilst we will continue to search all corners of the globe to find the best deals, we will always remain local and Australian-centric. This means you can trust our quality and delivery will be as promised. There will be no waiting for overseas couriers to bring your selection at inflated shipping costs. Our stock is right here in Sydney. The Australian shopper deserves this opportunity and we plan to continue providing it for many years to come.